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Introducing: “Tough Roll Winter GP Edition”


Following the tremendous success of our inaugural event, we’re thrilled to announce the next chapter in the Tough Roll journey – the “Tough Roll Winter GP Edition”. This time, we’re taking things up a notch, unfolding the action across four unique stages, with each stage set to deliver intense matches and unforgettable moments that will keep you captivated! 

And the excitement doesn’t stop with the matches. We’re raising the stakes even higher with the location for our next event. The “Tough Roll Winter GP Edition” will take place in the exquisite setting of the RACV Royal Pines. This glorious venue, known for its elegance and world-class amenities, will provide the perfect backdrop to the thrilling Jiu Jitsu action. 

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Grind to Shine: This stage is where fighters will engage in gripping round-robin matches, each aiming for that coveted top spot. The tension and excitement are palpable!
  • Grand Prix: Eight premier Black Belt Male fighters, all under 82.3kg, will battle it out for the grand prize – a hefty 10K. Cheer them on as they exhibit their prowess and courage!
  • The Clash of Warriors: Professional fighters with a riveting history come face to face in electrifying bouts. The stakes are high, and the suspense is higher.
  • World Vs Australia: In an electrifying show of skill and sportsmanship, six of the world’s top fighters take on the best from Australia. Will the local heroes triumph, or will the international titans take the glory?

The event will have NO-GI and GI and a unique rule set.
The winner of each division will take a good prize money.


But wait, there’s more! The atmosphere will be buzzing with the vibrant beats from Gold Coast’s best DJ. And prepare to be mesmerised by a breathtaking dance performance that will add a touch of glamour and elegance to the event.

Be a Part of the Action:

The “Tough Roll Winter GP Edition” promises a fantastic mix of thrilling fights, high-energy music, spectacular dance performances, and an electrifying atmosphere. So mark your calendars and gear up to be a part of the most exciting event of the season!

If you want to be a part of this high-octane event and support our athletes as a sponsor, please contact us at ev****@to*******.au. We appreciate your support in making this event a grand success.

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements. We can’t wait to see you there!



Grind to


Mia Mcneil ♦ Ava Greeson  ♦ Mikayla Nguyen


Daniel Svoboda♦ Phoenix Brebner ♦ Eric Fridlis 

NO GI  +66.6KG BOUT 

sATORU SCHWALGER ♦ Jose Cruz  ♦ Joshua Climente 


Lucy Haiquel ♦ Danie Dynamite  ♦ Carli Underwood


Mainz grau♦ Millie Mccourt ♦ Nadine Dixon 

NO GI  +66.6KG BOUT 

Che Quadvleig ♦ C. Triantopoulos ♦ Sunny Matheson




UP TO Middleweight GI bout


To be Announced 

world vs


Middleweight GI bout

Tainan Dalpra VS Burak Sarman

Heavyweight NO GI bout

vagner Rocha VS charles negromonte

lightweight GI bout

Anna Rodrigues VS Nikki Lloyd-Griffiths

Heavyweight GI master bout

viktor doria VS paulo cesar

Stay tuned for more updates!!!

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